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Hope is the only thing that remains and you and your friends have to save the last survivors of this town.

Feel the despair of the apocalipsis, get over the darknes of the forest and face exciting combats with endless ordes of beast from hell. 

Are you brave enough to face the raw reality and decide for once and for all whether you save... or will you sacrifice you brother?

Sacrifice your Brothers is an arcade survival game where you need to decide between sacrifiying and saving people, sacrifiying gives you time and saving rewards resources and score. 

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You must go to rescue the villagers, protect them from the monsters, and lead them to the safety of the church. While in the church, you can choose to either sacrifice or save each villager.

Sacrificing them will give you extra time before the end comes ;
while saving them will give you new weapons, a little health boost, and points.

Despite the name of the game, the objective is to save the villagers, not to sacrifice them. But you will need to sacrifice some if you want more time to save more villagers.

CONTROLS KEYBOARD (you can remap keys inside the game)

Movement---Arrow keys





Action  works for sacrificing villagers once they are inside the church, Also works for taking weapons and health and lastly if a partner dies you can revive them by being over their corpses and pressing action button


Movement----Left stick or D-pad





CONTROLS   Playstation Pad

Movement----Left stick or D-pad






Sacrifice your brother.exe 16 MB
Version 1 May 15, 2018


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hi can i play it online multiplayer?

Hi, sadly right now it does not have any online features.

Hello ! 
As I said wwhen I asked you few questions, here is the review of your game ! (french)
Hope this can interest some people !

this game is fantastic but its still a hard decision to make to sacrifice or to save the villager. i like weapon and i need time so its really confusing but its still a great game. will play more about this game :D btw its my first gameplay, hope it help for future update!

Great! We are glad you liked the game and not only you did your first gameplay but also the first gameplay of Sacrifice your Brothers!. We saw a couple of things on  your video and I'm just uploading a new version with the villagers updated. hope you like it!

will give it another try! thanks for the info :D